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Kenya Online offers a wide range of mobile related services. We offer Bulk SMS Solutions, Branded SMS Solutions, USSD and Short codes, Mobile App Development among other mobile related services.

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At Kenya Online, we don’t just improve your business’ presence on mobile, we help your company:

  • To develop a strategy that matches your business objectives
  • Connect your business with your target audience
  • Drive consumer behavior and engagement across multiple mobile platforms

Our range of Mobile Solutions include:

  • Bulk SMS – Free account Setup for members
  • USSD, Short code, Programming and Integration
  • API Integration
  • Mobile Apps and Development, Android Developers
  • Make my Website Mobile ready / responsive
  • Ring Back Tones (RBT) what is RBT? call +254 729 990 583 and listen to an RBT example


  1. Branded Sender ID, setup and installation, support – KES 9,000
  2. SMS rates per SMS (see the rates table below)

(We sell these Solutions through our Partners Oracom Web Solutions Ltd – 0729990583 – Refer them to a Coupon “KEMOBILE-YOUR NAME”) for the coupon to be effected on your order. You can also place the order.

1-20,000 0.90
20,001 – 50,000 0.8
50,001-100,000 0.7
100,001 and above Call to Discuss


Reach us on:

Phone No.: 0729 990 583


Ring Back Tones (RBT) what is RBT? call +254 729 990 583 and listen to an RBT example

A ring back tone (RBT) is an audible indication that is heard by the originator of a telephone call while the destination being called is ringing. This is the sound a caller hears while waiting for his/her call to be answered.Have your customers experience a uniform brand experience at all customer touch points.

With our Corporate Ring Back Tone service we enable companies to replace the traditional ring tone with a customized one that represents the company, there by establishing their own corporate tune as a common ring tone across all communication lines. Aside from existing traditional advertising channels, companies can now share corporate information in the form of music and corporate ads with their customers before a call is answered thus increasing their brand awareness.


  1. Renewable annually
  2. Customizable ring tone based on your preferences.


  1. An effective and efficient one on one marketing strategy
  2. Acts as a unifying symbol building customer trust and loyalty.
  3. Builds brand awareness.

Financial Proposal

Ring back tone Price Kshs. Renewal
Across all Networks (main line/phone) 15,000 5,000 per year
Installation for additional phones/lines 5,000
Narration 5,000 N/A

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Service Description RATE
Dedicated Short Code Set Up Fee (one off) 20,000 unlimited keywords
  Monthly fee 20,000
Shared Short Code Set Up Fee (one off) 15,000 {5 keywords}
  Monthly fee 10,000


Service Description RATE
Business Alerts, Offers, News alerts, Corporate SMS inbox Set Up Fee (one off) 5,000 (3 keywords)
Monthly fee 2,000



PREPAY MODEL (deducted from endusers airtime) PRICE
Deposit 130,000.00
Test Bed (30 days) 35,000.00
Setup fee 135,000.00
Monthly fee 155,000,00
Price per session GENERAL – end user 10.00
Price per session BANK – end user 2.00
Tranzit fee per session < 250,000 0.90
Tranzit fee per session > 250,000 0.70


POSTPAY MODEL (postpaid is charged to the client) PRICE
Deposit 30,000.00
Test Bed (30 days) 40,000.00
Setup fee 155,000.00
Monthly fee 65,000.00
Price per request – end user 0.00
Tranzit fee per request < 250.000 1.70
Tranzit fee per request > 250.000 1.20

Reach us on:

Phone No.: 0729 990 583



What our Customers are saying

“I’m still amazed at the quality of work of this team. The interaction was smooth, the work was fast, and the result was very professional. The experience was so pleasant that I will work again with Kenya Online Mobile Team. I earned a broader view of how an app is developed. I am sure that the next app will be even better. Kenya Online Team, continue with this good work. You guys are really good at what you do.”

Bardy, Nairobi


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