Performing Software and Systems Development in Kenya

Kenya Online Team has always been keen in applications and softwares and web solutions that improve Business operations and performance. We work with your company to come up with great and useful applications for your company. Talent and Creativity mixed with good systems is what a company needs in this Digital edge. We have assembled a large Team of Kenyans Top Software and Systems Developers to work on your projects.

Kenya Online has partnered with various Software development companies and freelance Software developers. This is in addition to our In-house Software developers who have a proven work track record. Contact Us to get performing system that is tailored to meet your needs.

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Phone No.: 0729 990 583


“Kenya Online is an innovative and professional company that has provided my company with valuable software development services. We are very happy with our decision to use Kenya Online as their expertise has translated into a distinct competitive advantage for us. Overall, Kenya Online is a great company to work with!”

Toby, USA

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